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Tools: OpenDICE and AutoSFR

These tools are intended to be used in conjunction with the Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials. Together, the guidelines and the DICE testing and monitoring system provide the foundation for a FADGI-compliant digitization program. 

Both OpenDICE and AutoSFR carry a BSD License.


OpenDICE is FADGI conformance measurement and analysis tool which has been developed as an alternative to the DICE (Golden Thread) system. OpenDICE is a fully functional program for the Windows operating system, created in MatLab.  The analysis methodology and results obtained have been confirmed by Image Science Associates as consistent with the results obtained with DICE and Golden Thread. The results obtained with DICE, Golden Thread, and OpenDICE are only as valid as the input measurements from the targets used.  Care should be taken to assure the targets are in good condition and have valid reference files. 

OpenDICE Downloads

»OpenDICE manual_Command_v2.5 (.docx)



  • OpenDICE_version 2.6 for Windows and Mac (support FADGI 2016)

»OpenDICE manual_version 2.6 (.docx)

»Config_materials.xlsx (for OpenDICEv2.5)

»Config_materials.txt (for OpenDICEv2.5)

  • OpenDICE package (.zip, includes OpenDICE1.31.exe, OpenDICE_batchv1.2.exe, ReadMeOpenDice.txt and BSD_License) (support FADGI 2010)

»OpenDICE manual version 1.31 (.PDF)

»Config.xlsx (for OpenDICEv1.31)

  • Sample images (.tif) and Icons (some targets are supported only in OpenDICE v2.1)

»ColorChecker SG




»FADGI 19264

»FADGI 19264 Commercial






»Negative 35mm (1)

»Negative 35mm (2)

»Positive 35mm

»Negative 120x120

»Negative 4x5

  • Sample reference files (.xlsx and .txt) (measured by Konica Minolta FD7)

»Color Checker SG Excel and Text

»DICE Excel and Text

»ObjectDICE Excel and Text

»FADGI 19264 Excel and Text

»FADGI 19264 Commercial Excel and Text

»FADGI Manufacturer Measurements for targets with barcodes Excel and Text

»NGT Excel and Text

»DT-NGT Excel and Text

»IT8.7/1 Excel and Text

»IT8.7/2 Excel and Text

»UTT Excel and Text

»Negative 35mm (1) Excel and Text

»Negative 35mm (2) Excel and Text

»Positive 35mm Excel and Text

»Negative 120x120 Excel and Text

»Negative 4x5 Excel and Text


This program was developed to assist imaging professionals determine the actual resolution present in images. This information assists in the determination of the appropriate scanning resolution for for specific collections. See the paper: Computer Assisted Image Analysis for Objective Determination of Scanning Resolution for Photographic Collections – An Automated Approach for a detailed technical review of this topic.

AutoSFR Downloads

AutoSFR Software for Windows

»AutoSFR Manual (.docx)

»Sample Configuration File


Working Groups

Still Image Working Group
This group is involved in a cooperative effort to develop common digitization guidelines for still image materials.

Audio-Visual Working Group
This group works collaboratively on common and sustainable technical guidelines, methods, and practices for digitized and born digital sound recordings and moving images.

Last Updated: 03/24/2023