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The documents below have been drafted or are recommended by either the Still Image or Audio Visual Working Group, and range from guidelines recommending specific metrics to those describing more general processes or methodologies.

The following categories are used to describe the status of each document in the process: Draft for public comment (with a closing date), Draft under review (by the Working Group), Approved (all changes have been made), or Recommended (document has been reviewed and is recommended by the group). In early stages, activities may be categorized as Draft under development or Concept under development. A link to a comment form is included for each of the documents; please use the form to submit your suggestions to us.

Audio-Visual Working Group Guidelines

Software Accessibility for Open Source Digital Preservation Applications
Draft Under Review by Working Group | October, 2023

Embedded Metadata in Broadcast WAVE Files
Approved by Working Group | April 1, 2021

DRAFT Significant Properties for Digital Video

SMPTE MXF Archive and Preservation Format Registered Disclosure Document (RDD 48)
Approved by Working Group | December 3, 2018

Audio Analog-to-Digital Converter Performance, Low Cost
Approved by Working Group | September 30, 2017

Audio Analog-to-Digital Converter Performance, High Quality
Approved by Working Group | July, 2016

Embedded Metadata in DPX Files
Approved by Working Group | August 14, 2017

Digitizing Motion Picture Film
Approved by Working Group | April 18, 2016

Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video
Approved by Working Group | December 2, 2014

Still Image Working Group Guidelines

Technical Guidelines for the Still Image Digitization of Cultural Heritage Materials
Approved by Working Group | May 10, 2023

Minimal Descriptive Embedded Metadata in Digital Still Images
Recommended by Working Group | March 23, 2012

Content Categories & Digitization Objectives
Approved by Working Group | September 3, 2009

Digital Imaging Framework
Approved by Working Group | April 2, 2009

Embedded Metadata in TIFF Images
Approved by Working Group | February 10, 2009

General Digital Content Guidelines

File Format Comparisons
Approved by Working Groups | December 2, 2014

Digitization Activities – Project Planning
Approved by Working Groups | November 4, 2009
Disclaimer: This document contains outdated links and references and is not actively maintained. It is included for historical purposes only

Working Groups

Still Image Working Group
This group is involved in a cooperative effort to develop common digitization guidelines for still image materials.

Audio-Visual Working Group
This group works collaboratively on common and sustainable technical guidelines, methods, and practices for digitized and born digital sound recordings and moving images.

Last Updated: 11/16/2023