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Still Image Working Group

This group is involved in a cooperative effort to develop common digitization guidelines for historical and cultural materials that can be reproduced as still images, such as textual content, maps, photographic prints and negatives. The overall goal is to enhance the exchange of research results and development, encourage collaborative digitization practices and projects among federal agencies, and provide the public with a product of uniform quality. It also provides a common set of benchmarks for digitization service providers and manufacturers.  In addition to digital imaging and encoding, guidelines for the metadata that is embedded in digital image files have been established.

Working Group Goals:

Primary considerations in the development of specific guidelines will be:

  • Defined categories and characteristics of content to be digitally represented
  • Defined objectives and specifications for the digital masters by category
  • Common image performance measures and methods of validating those measures to defined requirements
  • Compatibility with ISO and other international standards


  • Definitions of digitization objectives
  • Standard classifications of content types
  • A foundational model describing imaging quality/performance characteristics and metrics
  • Technical and process definitions
  • Published draft and final digitization guidelines within the scope of this charter
  • Published conceptual framework for the digitization process
  • A public web site to communicate the Working Group’s activities including the posting of draft and final guidelines
  • Development and distribution of image quality targets and measurement tools designed specifically for cultural heritage imaging.

The Still Image Working Group does not review, certify, or endorse commercial products. This includes all software and hardware used to create and manage digital images. If a commercial entity uses the term “FADGI” or references a FADGI resource or document, it has not be authorized by FADGI to do so. FADGI does not maintain lists or other information about commercial products that claim FADGI conformance. All references to commercial products in FADGI documents are examples, and not recommendations or mandates to use those products.

Current Guidelines

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Last Updated: 11/15/2023